Here I Am

I have crossed over into the land of Self-Published e-Book Authors.

Check out Catch at Amazon or Barnes, download the sample, see if it’s what you’re into.

By the way, Barnes has yet to make my cover art available–I read on the forums that they’re “backed up” in that department, so we’ll see how that goes. It isn’t my fault.

By the way, the synopsis on Amazon has a typo. I know this. I saw it riiiight after I pushed the “Go For It, You Can’t Change Anything For A Few Days Now” button. It’s my fault. I’ll fix it as soon as they let me.



9 responses to “Here I Am

  1. I try to make my reviews honest and point out what I disliked. That way anyone who does read it will know if they’ll buy the book or not. A negative for some is a positive for others. Short length and dynamic characters intrigue a lot of Kindle readers.

    Speaking of readers, how’re your sales doing?

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