Sample Sunday

I’ve seen Sample Sunday here and there around the writers’ Blogosphere for quite some time now, and I’ve always wanted to take part. Here’s a little excerpt, straight from my WiP, the working title of which is Ethan.


After a while, Ethan realized that the old man was only keeping such a slow, hobbling pace for Ethan’s own benefit. The man never stuttered or paused, but Ethan became winded easily even at their sluggish progression, and had to take regular breaks.

“So,” Ethan said during one such break. “My name’s Ethan.”

“You told me that already,” the old man said.

“Right. Well, what’s your name?”

The old man seemed startled by the question, and he thought for a long moment before he responded. “Miles,” he said at last.

An awkward silence followed, and when it started to wear on Ethan he said, “So…how far is this place we’re going, anyway?”

Miles stiffened and glared at Ethan. His eyes widened until it looked like his eyeballs might roll right out of his face if they opened up too much more. Then he said, “Miles,” and he burst into tremendous gales of his gravelly, whooping laughter again.


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