New Potential Cover Art

My graphic designer just got a draft of my cover art to me and I think it’s a definite improvement. If you saw this on the shelf (or the digital shelf) would you pick it up and read the synopsis?

In case you didn’t see the old one, it looked like this.

What do you think?


5 responses to “New Potential Cover Art

  1. Beautiful. Much, much better than the original in terms of vibrance. I also feel the cover’s telling something about the story, even though I haven’t read it. That will spark curiosity, so well done! Tell your artist she/he did a great job.

      • I was wondering about that! The fire motif and all. If that’s the case, this fits that story perfectly. Though, between you and me (and everyone else reading the comments), I liked The Fire Itself as the title.

  2. And, it looks like you decided to stick the story under magic realism. Or had you already done that before I mentioned it?

    • I liked the name The Fire Itself as well, but Catch works really well in an abstract sort of way, and it goes with the vision I had for the cover.

      I changed it to magic realism as per your suggestion. I think that’s what I was trying to get at in the first place but I couldn’t think of the term until you said it. So thanks!

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