Progress (4)

It might be best to start here if you haven’t seen them already.

Progress (1), Progress (2), Progress (3).

All right, this is it. Yesterday was the last day of the first month of my careful word-tracking to see exactly how many words I write in a month. It starts on the third of February because I finished editing my last manuscript on the second, so the third was my first day getting back on Iris, my current WIP. And I think for the most part the month went well. Here’s what the graph looks like.

My goal was to keep my average above 1,000 words per day, but although I pulled through and got it up there by the end, it fell below at one point during the month and dropped to 979. Not too disappointing I suppose since I still got over 29k words in 29 days, but still.

I’m going to continue keeping track of my words like this, if not for anyone else’s benefit then for my own–it will be nice to reflect on my days and remember which ones weren’t very productive and why.

In the interest of making it a bit more organized in the future, I’m going to start the next one on March 1st instead of March 4th, so there will be a bit of overlap. Stay tuned!

Any questions or comments? Feel free to speak up.


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