Hey now…

let’s not get all crazy with the L word.

We all have pet peeves, don’t we? I’d have to say that my biggest one is the reckless use of the word “literally” which I hear ALL THE TIME in everyday life. When I try to stand back and take an objective look at the situation, it really isn’t too terrible when someone nearby says, “Sorry I was gone so long, there were literally five hundred people in the bathroom.” But I don’t know, man. When I hear it, it just has this terrible jarring effect on my brain. More often than not I find myself unable to control the urge to either:

  • correct people after they’ve used the word “literally” when the word they were really aiming for was “figuratively” OR
  • stop them in the middle of their sentences immediately after they say the word “literally” to remind them of its meaning so they don’t misuse it in the first place. Usually I only do this if I’m almost positive they’re going to use it incorrectly.

Does anybody else have some sort of bizarre pet peeve about words or language?

P.S. Correcting strangers on their word usage is not the way to make friends with them. Even if you go on to explain that your outbursts are compulsory and you really have no control over them whatsoever, they don’t much care for being corrected.


One response to “Hey now…

  1. For me, it’s the use of “lol.” People sending “lol” by itself in a text. It irritates me because what am I supposed to respond to that. Nothing. It just finishes the conversation because I refused to reply to that.

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